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China – The great threat for Asia by her illegal expansionism

On the closing day of the 17th Congress of Chinese Communism Party, the Chinese government has unilaterally issued an official proclaim of sovereignty over three groups of islands in the south china sea by a decision to set up a city on these islands. Knowing that two of these, namely Hoang Sa and Truong Sa(Paracel and Spratly in English respectively), belong undisputedly to Vietnam, China has obviously violated the sovereignty of an independant country like Vietnam by her act

More seriously, this act has not only threatened to Vietnam, but also to all of other countries in the region and in the Asia overall.

China, you must stop your expansionism. You don’t have any reason or any right to justify your illegal act of invasion. Bigger the land you steal, bigger looser you will be. We, all of other asian countries, would hardly appreciate you.

By your act of invasion, you only show off your “black sheep” status to the whole world.


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