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Dotcom bubble 2.0

Well, nearly two weeks ago my wife and I stay up late watching the much hyped movie The social netwok. Needless to say it here again what this movie is about. One thing left in my impression after watching this is the huge disapointment because of very poor acting and vetical story telling. It sould be better considered a documentary about the revolution (and is author) of a phenomenon that could be the main factor for what is supposed to be the next “Dotcom bubble” or Dotcom bubble 2.0. For starters, the first one began in early 90s and jumped to its highest point in 2000 before crashed up in 2001, making many companies based on Web Techno blow up in the air without any traces like a over-blown bubble :-d

In fact, yesterday I was very supprised on hearing that facebook has just been valued at about $ (don’t be confused, that consists of only 10 zeros and read 50 BILLION dolars) by Goldman Sachs while it was said to be worth around $25 bil just 6 moths ago, therefore double the fortune its co-founder to nearly USD 12 billions, who possesses 30% facebook’s shares. But this shocking news comes at no surprise at all as the very Goldman Sachs, along with a mystery millionaire from Russia, have just injected $500 millions to invest in facebook, hoping making large profits when it enters the stock market in 2012.

What I don’t understand at this point is what makes facebook so high potential profitable (so that Goldman Sachs valued it so highly)? Some says that it could be perfect place for ads, for online games or purchasing such as ebays because of its record of hits by people all over the world exceps those from the Great China. But lookout, last week Mark Zuckerberg was in China.

What a wonderful world as a bubble is to burst after another has not finished yet blowing up. And we, the human beings then talk more about human disaters without doing anything about it, except for encouraging before suffering from it…


3 responses to “Dotcom bubble 2.0

  1. Invest In Gold Tháng Một 25, 2011 lúc 3:21 chiều

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